What Is A Santa Play Date?

A joyous holiday experience to support HopeKids Charity

Our Santa Play Date is a two-day exclusive event benefiting the HopeKids of Colorado charity in which you get to hang out with Santa in a private and relaxing environment. You and your kids get to spend about 20 minutes with Santa. You get to play, read stories, eat cookies and ask all the important questions such as, “do reindeer farts smell.” You get to engage together as a family and with Santa! No lines, no waiting 2 hours for your 2 minutes on Santa’s lap, and no battling mall traffic. We will be there the whole time to capture your play date and we’ll capture a beautiful family portrait. You will get to see your images immediately after your play date: no waiting! Family time, Santa time, beautiful memories and images to cherish for generations. Sunday November 5 your beloved pet dogs are welcome to also have a play date with Santa. This is by far the best Christmas Events in Denver you can find!

For questions, please email us at info@santaplaydate.com

What you get:

  • You get a designated half hour photo session and play date with Santa that is exclusive for your family
  • You get to eat yummy cookies,* hang out, chat, and play trains with Santa
  • You get heartwarming photos to choose from the same day for gifts and your own keepsakes
  • You get tissues for your tears of joy from seeing your child experience one of the happiest days of the year (or tears from just not having to wait in any lines)
  • You get lovely bonding time with your family
  • You get to contribute to a wonderful charity

What you don’t get:

  • You don’t get to stand in line for hours (yes I know, this one will be missed)
  • You don’t get to experience the frustration of your child screaming in Santa’s lap instead of smiling
  • You don’t get to be disappointed with poor mall photos and wonder why you even bother
  • You don’t get to experience being stressed and frustrated

*Allergies. We are happy to accommodate any food allergies/food preferences if bring your ‘safe’ cookies (or other treat); we’ll make sure to have them set out for your play date. The environment will not be free of allergens. Please note too that dogs are also frequent visitors (and residents) to the studio, and Sunday is a dog-friendly day. 

Sounds good so far? Keep scrolling because there is more!


Give back to the community

HopeKids Colorado

A good portion of the proceeds will be donated to a local charity called HopeKids Colorado. HopeKids is a wonderful charity that focuses on families who have a child with a life-threatening illness. They create events for them to take their minds off what is otherwise the most difficult journey of their lives. They also create a community for the parents and siblings. It is so important for kids to be able to be kids, to relax, and to get to spend a couple of hours not thinking about being terminally sick. We chose HopeKids as we personally know the amazing job the organization does. We have seen firsthand the heart and soul that has been poured into the project. It is a local charity worth supporting!

To learn more about HopeKids click here for their website.

What to expect

Plan on a full hour for your play date: half hour for your session and half hour for your private photo viewing. Bring your holiday spirit and decision making hat with you (as well as all decision makers). We will make sure you are covered for the holidays when it comes to joy, giving back, gifts, and photos!

Play Date Timeline:

  • Family photo. When you arrive we will start with a quick family photo, about 5-10 minutes. This is what you can make into your holiday card and send to Grandma!
  • Play date. After family photos, you get to have your play date with Santa, which will be about 20 minutes. Bring your sweet tooth as there will be treats!
  • Relax. After your play date with Santa we will gather in the backroom for some refreshments while we upload your images. This is when you put your decision-making hat on (& bring any decision makers with you).
  • Photo viewing. After we are done uploading the images, you get to view them! That’s right, 5 minutes after the session, you get to see your images. This is when you will choose which images and keepsakes to purchase.
  • When you are finished, it is hug time!
  • Enjoy the rest of your day, as you’ve also supported local business and a worthy charity. We’ll put the elves to work to get your beautiful photo packages delivered to you ASAP. Remember, digitals are included with all image purchases.

Are you excited yet? We are!

How much should I plan to spend?

Do you accept rainbow glitter as payment?

We understand how precious these memories will be for you. After all, your children will eventually grow up and leave you only with fond memories like the time you went to see Santa together! With this in mind, we offer only high-quality products. We understand that these will be your keepsakes, your legacy, and your precious memories. Your great, great, great grandchildren will be looking at these with love.

We offer three different high-quality packages (see below) along with a la carte images and products.

10% of all proceeds will be donated to HopeKids Colorado. 

Session fee is $150.00 (with $50.00 donated back to HopeKids Colorado!). The session fee secures your photo session and play date with Santa. Images and keepsakes are sold separately.


North Pole Photo Packages
Santa’s Best $1500
$3100 value
–Limited edition, beautiful customized photo box made in Italy. Clear cover with white leatherette and 10 matted prints on archival photo paper. These are made to last for generations (includes the digital copies).
–Two beautiful ornate photo ornaments, available in white or red (includes digital copies).
–Beautiful modern square gift prints. They come in 5 sets of 5. You pick 5 photos and get a total of 25 gift prints (includes digital copies).
–A $50.00 gift card to either Vala Vincent Photography or Mariah Ehlert Photography.
Mrs. Claus’s Fav $850
$2500 value
Limited edition, beautiful customized photo box made in Italy. Clear cover with white leatherette and 10 matted prints on archival photo paper. These are made to last for generations (includes the digital copies).
Elf's Choice $325
$500 value
Two beautiful ornate photo ornaments, available in white or red (includes digital copies).
I’m ready, sign me up!

Limited sessions available

Secure your spot before it’s gone!

When and what time:

November 4 & 5 ONLY

10am-2pm and 3pm-7pm

Family dogs welcome November 5

How to register

  1. Click the button below
  2. Pick an available time slot
  3. Pay the $150 session fee
  4. Read your confirmation email for a link, fill out the form
  5. We will send you all the details for a perfect session and play date including short Checklists for the busy parents

It’s all about keeping it simple and easy for you and your family.

For any questions, email us at info@santaplaydate.com

Coming in from out of town?

And other legal mumbo jumbo


For those coming in from out of town, the closest locations to look for hotels are Downtown and Cherry Creek. The event is in West Wash Park, which is conveniently located near downtown and right off I-25.


We are very grateful you are participating in this special event, for your family and your community. Time slots are at a premium and will likely be booked weeks in advance. If you cancel, that spot is often not fillable at the last minute. As a result, sessions cannot be rescheduled, and cancellations will not be refunded.